30 Day challenge creating a self-empowerment mindset



Create a self-empowerment mindset.

Use this 30 day challenge to make it happen.


We all arrive in this world with a blank canvas. No one knows exactly who they are yet. So, in a bid to create an identity we look to the outside world. We search for love and approval and as children, we are defenseless.

Just think about your childhood versus your adulthood. Were you someone who had too much responsibility? You were left to do it all and didn’t receive the acceptance or love that you needed? That might translate to an adulthood of broken and abusive relationships. You seek those out in a bid to fix what went wrong in your childhood.

It’s time to become self-empowered, and we have a thirty-day challenge that can help. It will directly challenge the belief system you created around yourself, the one that started in your childhood. It’s time to rewrite the script.


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