building resilence from loss workbook

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Building Resilience from Losses Experienced in Life Workbook


We will all face difficult experiences in our lives. They will vary in degrees, but some of those difficulties will be life-altering. Loss is one of the biggest difficulties that life brings – the loss of a loved one, an illness, a job loss, a natural disaster… they all bring change and that can be traumatic. How you cope with these events has everything to do with your resilience.

Resilience helps you battle the stressors you have no control over, the accidents, injuries, sicknesses, or loss. For example, trees bend and sway in the wind. They adapt to the challenge that nature presents. If they didn’t, they would lose branches in inclement weather. Like a tress, you too can build your resilience so that you don’t just survive this life but find a way to thrive.

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