Personal Transformation Audio & Video



While we wage a daily battle, attempting to influence others, we often forget we struggle to influence ourselves!

Within the audios and videos of personal transformation is help so you can have the personal power of success.

There are 50 audio articles (10 on each of the following), personal transformation, self compassion, successful atmosphere, habit hacks and success habits.

There are 10 videos on the following:

01-Create a Vision of Who You Want to Be

02-Getting Help for Your Personal Transformation

03-Take Control of Your Inner Voice

04-Who Cares What Others Think About You

05-Establish a Great Home Environment for Success

06-Setting the Stage for Success

07-Building Habits Slowly is the Foundation for Success

08-Should You Seek Out a Mentor for Positive Habit Creation

09-9 Step Habit Creation Plan

10-Why Personal Mastery is key to Creating Habits for Success



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